Hillenbrand’s Hypocrisy

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“Will you be so kind to write to me and assure me that you will not mention this incident in public and outside the confession to anyone. It could once again cause untold damage to Fr. Denis and to our little, struggling community as [sic] this time. Thank you so much in advance for an […]

Email to Abbot Denis Quinkert

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Before these questions are asked publicly, it may be appropriate for Abbot Quinkert to step down as abbot. It may also be appropriate for both Fr. Hillenbrand and Abbot Quinkert to make known their misconduct to the proper civil and canonical authorities.

Monk Profiles in Argus Leader (2004)

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Paul Friedman Brother Paul Friedman lived in seven states and 12 towns before his family settled in Aberdeen. He was a student at Aberdeen’s Central High School when he gradually became aware he had a vocation to monastic life. A classmate talked to Friedman about Blue Cloud Abbey. They both entered the monastery, but Friedman’s […]

A monk’s life takes dedication, sense of humor

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A person chooses monastic life for one reason – and many reasons.

A change in mission

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“You do all you can as a community to heal the victims,” said Hillenbrand, who has written letters of apology. Allowing the offender’s return would be hurtful to those who were harmed, he said.

Lawsuit Alleges Abuse at Indian Schools

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Abbott Thomas Hillenbrand of Blue Cloud Abbey in northeastern South Dakota, which provided Benedictine priests to St. Paul’s for nearly 100 years, said that he does not know whether the allegations are true. But he added: “If people were hurt in any way, it’s our responsibility to try to heal that.”

Monk, 71, Indicted On Sex Charges

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[Webmaster’s Note: Rev. Augustine Jones lived at Blue Cloud Abbey from the mid-1990’s until his death in 2007. Contrast this with Abbot Hillebrand’s exile of perpetrating monk Father Theophane Gonnelly… Here and Hillebrand’s other hypocrisy… Here ]