Hillenbrand’s Hypocrisy

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“Will you be so kind to write to me and assure me that you will not mention this incident in public and outside the confession to anyone. It could once again cause untold damage to Fr. Denis and to our little, struggling community as [sic] this time. Thank you so much in advance for an […]

Monks Preparing For Blue Cloud Abbey Closure

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MARVIN, SD – A hidden KELOLAND Abbey is closing its doors. The monks at Blue Cloud Abbey near Marvin announced this week they’ll be closing for good this summer.

Closure of Blue Cloud Abbey

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This is not an easy message to write. As a community we have been discussing our situation for some time. However, because of all the hoops and hurdles which come with such a discussion, we were unable to mention it outside the community. Though it has not been an easy decision we have come to […]

Blue Cloud Abbey in SD closing as members age

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Blue Cloud Abbey, a monastery and retreat center in northeast South Dakota, announced Monday it will close after more than six decades because its members are aging and new ones are not joining.

Email to Abbot Denis Quinkert

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Before these questions are asked publicly, it may be appropriate for Abbot Quinkert to step down as abbot. It may also be appropriate for both Fr. Hillenbrand and Abbot Quinkert to make known their misconduct to the proper civil and canonical authorities.

Meet the Monks

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The following is a list of Benedictine monks from Blue Cloud Abbey in Marvin, South Dakota.

Denis Quinkert’s Terms as Abbot

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Right Reverend Denis Quinkert Jubilarian in profession, born July 7, 1936, prof February 10, 1956, ord May 25, 1976, elected third abbot and blessed April 16, 1986, resigned October 11, 1991, reelected abbot, January 10, 2009.

The Abbot’s Reception Day

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February 18, 2009 was a pleasant day in the midst of a winter that was exceptionally severe. The public reception of our newly elected Abbot Denis Quinkert was celebrated with priests of the diocese, sisters from the various orders with whom our community has worked, parishioners from the places where Abbot Denis was stationed, and […]

Blue Cloud Abbey Monks Choose New Abbot

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Father Denis Quinkert, OSB, has been elected the fifth abbot of Blue Cloud Abbey, Mavin.

Bulletin: Fr. Denis Quinkert Elected Abbot

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With the new year there are new changes in all of our lives. Blue Cloud Abbey has been a sig- nificant place for many of us over the years since it was established in the early 1950’s. Many of the community members there have lead us in worship and retreats. Abbot Thomas Hillebrand has resigned […]